our mission is to preserve the integrity of traditional foods and unveil their splendor in each season’s bounty - infusing unique flavors, ideas and presentations

Located steps away from Tel Aviv’s renowned Carmel Market, nomi focuses on the fundamental qualities of local ingredients, extracting their hidden flavors to surprise and delight diners with their delicate tastes. Seasonal menus present imaginative cross-cultural dishes, showcasing a diversity of culinary skills from Chef Yoram.

an evening of fine israeli cuisine, fusing the best ingredients from both land and sea.

a leader in the field of culinary innovation​​​​

Yoram Nitzan is one of Israel’s most respected veteran chefs. With remarkable attention to detail, vast experience in the kitchen and a creative cooking technique, Yoram conjures an aromatic journey of the senses, glorifying the unique flavors, colors and tastes indigenous to Israel. Chef Yoram’s inherent creativity was fostered from a young age, influenced by many gatherings around the family dinner table. Sparking his interest in the culinary world, his desire to explore the field further took him on a journey throughout kitchens across the globe. This defining experience opened his eyes to a parade of new tastes, cooking techniques and skills from celebrated chefs. Yoram’s cooking is ever-evolving, his concepts drawn from far and wide, reinterpreted for the present day and with a philosophy firmly rooted in local Israeli ingredients.

"Following months of meticulous discussions and planning, I am thrilled to take on the new challenge of crafting a new, high-end kosher restaurant after years of specializing in seafood. nomi’s dishes unite to present a menu infused with traditional Israeli tastes and flavors, concocted from simply the best ingredients sourced from Israel.​"